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Yasmin Ali

Yasmin Ali

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What do I do?
I am an Operations Engineer for E.ON Exploration and Production working on a gas field development project in the North Sea. This means that a gas reservoir has been discovered deep underground below the seabed and I am part of the team working out how to bring this product to the surface and transport it to land to be processed and used in power stations or for things like gas heating and cooking. I will work on the design and construction of the offshore facilities and pipelines, all the time taking into account economics, safety and environmental issues.
Yasmin Ali
How did I get here?
When I was 17 I had no idea what I wanted to do when I finished school until I got a leaflet in the post from Whynotchemeng. I looked into Chemical Engineering and realised studying this would give me a huge choice of jobs to choose from; from manufacturing cosmetics to doing research and development for a chocolate company, so I went for it.

During my four year degree at Nottingham University, I had the opportunity to spend a year in Malaysia. This gave me the chance to live in a new and exciting place and travel around South East Asia without taking any time out from my studies; choosing engineering is the reason I got to do this.  

After graduating in 2010, I joined the E.ON Engineering and Leadership graduate scheme and since then I have worked in coal and gas fired power stations in the UK, international business expansion in Istanbul, Turkey, and finally settled in Oil and Gas Exploration and Production.

Why do I do it?
Today I am in the office in central London, earlier this year I was on a boat in the middle of the choppy North Sea and this time last year I was in a helicopter flying to the scorching desert in Algeria. I work with lots of people in different locations and we collaborate to solve problems and contribute to the security of the energy supply in the UK, powering lights, computers, transport systems, hospital equipment… the list is endless. My life is exciting and I feel like I am adding something important to society which is why I highly recommend a career in engineering.

Yasmin Ali is also the 2013 WES Prize Winner.

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