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Lottie’s week with Jo Douglas - Chair of WES Young Members' Board

Lottie’s week with Jo Douglas - Chair of WES Young Members' Board

Lottie at Munich AirportLottie and bearThe weekend before Tomorrows Engineers Week 2016 I was invited to attend a conference in Munich for INWES – International Network of Women Engineers and Scientists – and I couldn’t resist taking Lottie with me. I got a shot of Lottie at Munich airport, as well as making friends with a bear in Freising. During the event we attended a Round Table on Young Leadership where we discussed how we attract and keep young women in leadership positions in WES and similar organisations based in other countries. It was a great opportunity for WES to talk about our recently formed Young Members Board!

Lottie Glue gunLottie St Johns AmbulanceI work for The Smallpeice Trust, an engineering educational charity, who go into schools during term time to promote engineering and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) to young people. The picture on the right shows Lottie helping glue gun a speaker at a STEM day in a school in Cambridgeshire. To do my role I need to be able to do first aid so Lottie came along with me for training from St Johns Ambulance. Finally, in one of the offices at work we have a collection of items that have been improved by engineering – Lottie was having a look at these during the week. It really is amazing what engineers can do!

Lottie 9 percentDuring Tomorrows Engineers week I was also Guest Editor on the YMB Twitter page so Lottie also featured on here – this time capturing recent twitter campaigns including #9percentisnotenough, #wearemorethanshoes, #ILookLikeAnEngineer and #heforshe.

AldoLottie to AldoDuring the week Lottie received a tweet from Aldo, adi Group’s mascot. It looks like he goes on more adventures than Lottie! Lottie replied, and even drew him a nice picture.

Jo Douglas, Chair, WES Young Members' Board

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