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Kelly Hannah

Kelly Hannah

During my school life I was very sporty. I studied PE at GCSE level, and attended a local dance school from a young age, where I entered exams, competitions and also participated in shows. This meant that I naturally assumed I would have a career in that field. Unfortunately due to a dance related knee injury, I had to rethink my career path.

My family was a big influence on my decision to choose the engineering industry as my new goal. My mum worked at BAE Systems for 24 years, having joined the company through an apprenticeship scheme herself. In addition to this my older brother had just completed a year at an offsite training facility as a part of his multi-skilled engineering apprenticeship: the stories I heard from him intrigued me and left me wanting to know more. (Just so that my Dad doesn't feel left out of this story, he completed a marine engineering apprenticeship at 16) It was around this time that BAE Systems began advertising their apprenticeship scheme online, and on a very large banner visible from my bus to and from school. I applied, and so my engineering journey began…

I started an Advanced Technical Apprenticeship with BAE Systems having gained the qualifications I needed from school. The first 10 months of my apprenticeship I spent offsite at a training facility, which my brother had attended two years prior to me, where I gained an NVQ in Performing Engineering Operations. In parallel to my hands on training I also attended a local college learning the theory of my discipline gaining a National Certificate in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

Since my training I have returned to BAE Systems and have been working in a variety of different projects in a 6-8 week rotation, from the Eurofighter Typhoon Helmet to Airbus Slat Flap Control Computers. I am 7 months in to my second year and thoroughly enjoying every moment of my apprenticeship, knowing that everything I do is a new lesson learnt. I have developed many skills which have exceeded my expectations completely, and I know I will continue to improve as a person and as an engineer into the future.

Kelly Hannah
Advanced Technical Apprentice
BAE Systems, Electronic Systems

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